President's Letter

Dear Parent:

Being fairly new to the Emporia area and Flint Hills Technical College, I’d like to bring to your attention the opportunities that FHTC can provide to your son or daughter and/or you, as a student in this community. I know from personal experience that technical education can lead to a very rewarding and well paying working career for your child. My own son found a career as an electrical lineman and is very satisfied, not only with the life style but the top wages he is earning.

Most jobs that are available today require technical training. I also know that a four-year degree is not for everyone. One of the myths we continually battle is that technical education is for students who are challenged academically. Nothing is further from reality. Our programs offered at FHTC can lead to a four-year degree if the student chooses and our placement rate is over 95%. Most of our programs offer a one-year technical certificate option and/or associate degree option if the student wants to enroll for the two-year course.

Some advantages your child will experience at FHTC include:

  • Hands-on training providing skill development that meets business and industry standards
  • Small classes-typically 15 to 1, student to faculty ratio
  • Average 95% job placement rate and $25,000 starting salary for graduates
  • Ability to take college credit as a junior or senior (dependant upon program requirements)
  • High school may pay your child’s tuition, while you pay for books, tools and fees
  • FHTC is HLC accredited, increasing transferability of credit from FHTC to other higher education institutions

You are welcome to tour our campus at any time and can call 343-4600 or 800-711-6947 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to visiting with you about a great future at Flint Hills Technical College!


Dr. Dean Hollenbeck, President of FHTC