Hospitality / Culinary Arts

The Hospitality/Culinary Arts major is a unique program that combines culinary and baking arts as well as hospitality management. Students will have real-world catering experiences and the opportunity to utilize the Fusion Food Truck, the only food truck curriculum in Kansas. This program teaches the skills needed to become entrepreneurs in the food industry.

Program options

Hospitality / Culinary Arts offers a technical certificate and associate of applied science degree option.

The technical certificate is a one-year program. Graduates will be able to prepare and serve cuisine found in fine dining establishments, practice sanitation and safety, and efficiently utilize equipment, supplies and manage personnel. Certificate courses are transferable to the AAS degree program.

The associate of applied science degree is a two-year program that contains technical and general education courses. Graduates will be able to apply the principles of supervision and human resource management including employee recruitment, selection, orientation, productivity and labor controls. Graduates will also have the knowledge to exert a higher level of control over the cooking process, prepare American and international cuisine and learn the elements of garde manager, baking, pastries and confections. Knowledge and application will provide inventory control and monitor the cost/volume/profit relationship in the foodservice industry. These skills are acquired through real-life experiences in the classroom, catering of banquets and special events.

Culinary perfection is about a basic love for food and the desire to please people. A career in Culinary Arts involves dedication, hard work, education, and talent. This field of study is part of the Hospitality Industry, which is the largest private employer in the United States. Opportunities exist in roles of cook, baker, chef, caterer, food and beverage managers, owners of restaurants, and countless other areas.

Career opportunities include:

  • 1/17 | British Isles
  • Resort & Cruise Ships
  • Convention Centers
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Food Service
  • Restaurant Management

Kansas State University

FHTC students who have complete an Associate of Applied Science degree at FHTC in Hospitality/Culinary Arts will be able to apply to transition into Kansas State University’s Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management program.

Schedule of Events

World Cuisine events are planned, prepared and served by FHTC Hospitality/Culinary Arts students and proceeds go directly to the Culinary Student Activity Fund and are used for culinary competitions and other learning opportunities.

Thursday Lunch events are on the main campus from 11:15-12:30 and is open to the community. Menus are posted on FHTC's Facebook page prior to each lunch.

The Third Thursday Dinner Series ia an evening, multi-course, seated dinner at FHTC’s Trusler Foundation Conference Center. Advance purchase of tickets is required and only a limited number will be for sale for each dinner. Tickets can be purchased at the Reeble Student Success Center on the main campus or by calling 620.343.4600.

  • 1/17 | British Isles
  • 1/24 | Spain & Portugal
  • 1/31 | France
  • 2/7 | Germany
  • 2/14 | Russia & Scandinavia
  • 2/21 | THIRD THURSDAY DINNER SERIES: Italy and the Mediterranean (advance ticket purchase required)
  • 2/28 | NO LUNCH
  • 3/7 | Morocco & North Africa, spice trade routes
  • 3/14 | Spring Break – NO LUNCH
  • 3/21 | THIRD THURSDAY DINNER SERIES: Pacific Rim (advance ticket purchase required)
  • 3/28 | NO LUNCH
  • 4/4 | India
  • 4/11 | Israel & the Middle East
  • 4/18 | THIRD THURSDAY DINNER SERIES: Mexico & Latin America (advance ticket purchase required)
  • 4/24 | NO LUNCH

Brian Romano, MFP, CEC

Brian Romano

Brian began teaching in the Hospitality/Culinary Arts program at FHTC in 2014. Prior to this position, he was the Dean of Culinary Arts at Victory Trade School in Springfield, Missouri. Brian has worked in virtually every position in a restaurant, as an executive chef, and as a food and beverage director, as well as in a variety of environments including restaurants, hotel/conference centers, country/golf clubs, and higher education. Brian holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the New England Culinary Institute in Hospitality and Restaurant Management with an emphasis in special diets, organic food and sustainability and an AAS degree in Culinary Arts from the Academy of Culinary Arts.

Kendra Smith, CC

Kendra Smith

Kendra began teaching in the Hospitality/Culinary Arts program at FHTC in 2019. Prior to this position, she worked as a counselor and educator. Kendra has worked several positions in the restaurant including Pastry Chef and Corporate Chef. Kendra would work with celebrity chefs in the Fort Worth, Texas area, keeping them up to date on market trends and helped them manage restaurants in general. Kendra has also owned her own restaurant in the beautiful hospital district in Fort Worth. Kendra holds a Master’s Certificate in Addiction Counseling from Montana State University, a Bachelor’s in Education from Texas Wesleyan University and an Associate’s of Culinary Arts from The Art Institute of Dallas.

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