IMD180 Interactive Multimedia I

3 Credit Hours

This course will introduce students to the Flash vs HTML5 battle. Students will create a project from start to finish with Adobe Flash. We will also take compare and contrast the advantages/disadvantages of Flash and HTML5 animation. Students will learn object creation and how to animate those objects in Flash. As technology continues to advance in the area of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, multimedia professionals will have to make hard decisions regarding which technology to use. Students will create a small, animated website in this course, testing it on various devices and web browsers.

2020 Spring Term

Section: A
Course Format: On-Campus Seats Available: 6/15
Type Location Dates Time Meeting Days Instructor
In-Person DWN DC301 01/13/20 - 05/13/20 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM M W Casey Wilson
Type In-Person
Location DWN DC301
Dates 01/13/20 - 05/13/20
Times 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Meeting Days M W
Instructor Casey Wilson
Section: O
Course Format: Online Seats Available: 13/15
Type Location Dates Time Meeting Days Instructor
Online 01/13/20 - 05/14/20 Casey Wilson
Type Online
Dates 01/13/20 - 05/14/20
Meeting Days
Instructor Casey Wilson