IMD260 Production Portfolio

3 Credit Hours

Students will create a portfolio to showcase their work as a multimedia artist. The form of the portfolio can take on many forms including but not limited to a show real, hard copy of graphics, DVD, website, or a combination of many delivery methods. Students will include work created during their time in the IMD programs as well as other work they have created relating to multimedia. PREREQUISITE: IMD 222 Composting II; IMD 230 Interactive Multimedia II; IMD 240 Multimedia Project Design; IMD 251 Advanced 3D Graphic & Animation

2021 Spring Term

Section: Z
Course Format: On-Campus Seats Available: 10/15
Type Location Dates Time Meeting Days Instructor
Online 01/11/21 - 05/07/21 Casey Wilson
Type Online
Dates 01/11/21 - 05/07/21
Meeting Days
Instructor Casey Wilson
In-Person DWN DC312 01/12/21 - 05/04/21 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM T Casey Wilson
Type In-Person
Location DWN DC312
Dates 01/12/21 - 05/04/21
Times 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Meeting Days T
Instructor Casey Wilson