Emergency Dispatch Technology

Emergency dispatchers play one of the most important roles in the medical industry by acting as the intermediate professional between callers and emergency workers. Emergency Dispatch Technology provides hands-on training to students to prepare them to assess and direct emergency situations.

Program Options

Emergency Dispatch Technology offers a Technical Certificate option. High school seniors are also eligible to apply to this program.

The technical certificate is a one year program and provides graduates with the necessary telecommunications skills and medical knowledge in order to be effective in serving the public’s emergency medical needs as part of the local EMS system. The EMS Dispatch Technology Program is certified by Priority Dispatch Corp. and Kansas Board of EMS.

Technical Certificate Course Requirements

Career Opportunities

Dispatchers assess the given situation, which includes the identification of basic caller information, the location of the caller, as well as the contact number of the caller, the location of the patient, interpreting the problem, any special circumstances, and then they dispatch the appropriate assistance depending on the severity of the patient’s illness or injury. EMS Dispatchers also are given the crucial task of giving instructions over the phone until emergency service professionals arrive, including keeping themselves and the victim calm, giving CPR, delivering a baby, or stopping life-threatening bleeding.

Career opportunities include:

  • Police stations
  • Fire stations
  • Hospitals
  • Independent city/county programs

Program Information & Resources

Estimated program costs and testing criteria​ are available in the documents below. Visit our admissions page to learn about admissions steps and other helpful information.

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