Hospitality Dietary Management

The Hospitality Dietary Management program provides students the knowledge and management skills needed to plan and implement nutritional food menus with accommodations for allergens and special diets. Students will learn culinary skills and procedures, kitchen management, along with an understanding of nutrition and health. This combination will enable students to have a rewarding career in a variety of foodservice settings.

Program Options

The Hospitality Dietary Management program offers a technical certificate option. High school seniors are also eligible to apply to this program.

The technical certificate is a one-year program. Graduates will gain basic culinary skills as well as healthcare knowledge in nutrition, growth and development, gerontology nursing, and healthcare management. Students will also learn kitchen management, practice sanitation and safety, purchasing and cost controls. A hands-on internship is a requirement of the program. Upon, graduation, students will be prepared to take the national exam for Certified Dietary Manager.

Technical Certificate Course Requirements

Career Opportunities

A career in Hospitality Dietary Management allows for foodservice management positions across many industries and institutions.

Career opportunities include:

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Spas
  • Retirement communities
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Educational institutions

Program Information & Resources

Estimated program costs and testing criteria​ are available in the documents below. Visit our admissions page to learn about admissions steps and other helpful information.

Hospitality Dietary Management Cost Sheet View Document
Hospitality Dietary Management Cost Sheet - High School Students View Document