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Flint Hills Technical College is a two-year public institution of higher education nestled in the rolling hills of east-central Kansas. It is located at the intersection of I-35 and the Kansas Turnpike in Emporia, a city in the heart of the beautiful rangeland known as the Flint Hills and just a short distance from the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.

The college was founded in 1963 when the Emporia Board of Education made an application to the Kansas State Board of Education. The college received associate degree-granting status by an act of the Kansas Legislature during the 1995 Legislative Session. On July 1, 1999, by an act of the Kansas Legislature, the Kansas Board of Regents became the coordinating body of FHTC at the state level. As a result of Senate Bill 7 signed in May of 2003, Flint Hills Technical College was allowed to pursue autonomy from the Emporia School District, USD #253. On July 1, 2004 Flint Hills Technical College became autonomous from USD #253. The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) reaffirmed the accreditation of Flint Hills Technical College on January 10, 2022 for a period of 10 years.


The mission of Flint Hills Technical College is to provide a diverse community of learners with lifelong educational opportunities for personal growth and preparation for professional and civic responsibilities that meet the needs of society.


Advancing personal, professional and economic growth through excellence and innovation in education and partnerships.

Value Statements

Flint Hills Technical College values:

  • Quality in all aspects of its operation.
  • Diversity of all individuals and mutual respect within the framework of ethical and professional behavior.
  • Student success by providing a wide range of support services in a caring climate conducive to student learning and campus safety.
  • Innovation accomplished through the vision and creativity of all partners in technical education.
  • Hands-on education that leads to technical skill attainment.
  • Accessibility of education by providing a variety of delivery methods.
  • Collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

Purpose Statements

  1. To provide academic and applied instruction in a technical program of study leading to an Associate of Applied Science degree, Technical Certificate, Certificate, or other credentials.
  2. To provide business and industry with qualified personnel by utilizing emerging technology, a diverse curriculum, and a variety of educational opportunities.
  3. To provide students the skills to succeed through the application of the abilities to communicate with a diverse audience, conduct oneself professionally, and problem-solve through critical thinking.
  4. To create a sense of community and promote the benefits of lifelong learning.
  5. To provide support through meaningful processes and services relevant to individual students’ needs.
  6. To maintain a positive campus environment conducive to learning and personal safety.

Philosophy of Education

The administration, faculty, and staff of Flint Hills Technical College believe in the power of teaching and learning and endorse the right of each person to access opportunities in the pursuit of knowledge and its application to life. The College’s primary commitment is to support student success in learning and to prepare well-educated, productive members of society who have the ability to achieve personal and professional success in a global environment. To that end, FHTC strives to remove barriers to the educational process by providing accessible and affordable opportunities, including articulations with other institutions and also recognizes the general education curriculum and learning outcomes as necessary and integral components of technical programs of study. FHTC embraces a philosophy where freedom of expression is encouraged in an orderly, nurturing environment and ensures continuous improvement in the educational process through ongoing assessment and evaluation.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Flint Hills Technical College does not discriminate on the basis of sex including pregnant and parenting students, sexual orientation, disability, race, color, age, religion, marital status, or national or ethnic origin in educational programs, admissions policies, employment policies, financial aid or other college-administered programs. For inquiries regarding Flint Hills Technical College’s nondiscrimination policies or compliance with Title IX and/or Section 504 contact Lisa Kirmer, Title IX Coordinator and EVP of Student Services/Academic Affairs, 3301 West 18th Avenue, Emporia, KS 66801, 620-341-1325, lkirmer@fhtc.edu or Nancy Thompson, Director of Human Resources and VP of Administrative Services, 3301 West 18th Avenue, Emporia, KS 66801, 620-341-1304, nthompson@fhtc.edu.

Program Advisory Committees

The College maintains a standard of education monitored and approved by program advisory committees made up of members from the general public, business and industry. The committees guide the College in fulfilling its responsibilities to provide up-to-date, quality education.

Flint Hills Technical College is coordinated by the Kansas Board of Regents and accredited through the Higher Learning Commission. Program accreditations include the Kansas State Board of Nursing; the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs; and the American Dental Association.

National Publication

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Flint Hills Technical College, located in east-central Kansas, serves a diverse 7-county region with specialized technical education programs. These programs span across Health & Human Services, Arts and Information Technology, Industry Technology, and General Education, including short-term certifications. FHTC has earned national recognition for several programs, including its LPN nursing program, dental hygiene program, and Dental Hygiene program, among others. The college boasts high graduate placement rates and has been consistently ranked among the top associate-granting colleges nationally. Additionally, FHTC plays a crucial role in workforce training, notably as the leading technical education trainer for the Kansas Semiconductor Manufacturing Consortium, addressing the region’s economic needs.

In summary, Flint Hills Technical College is dedicated to providing lifelong educational opportunities, preparing students for professional and civic responsibilities while meeting the evolving needs of society. With a focus on excellence, innovation, and community engagement, FHTC continues to play a vital role in shaping the workforce and economy of the region.

For more information about Flint Hills Technical College and its programs, visit www.fhtc.edu or contact 620-343-4600.

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