Admissions Appeals Process

  1. Criteria for Appeal
    1. The student has fully completed the admissions application and submitted all appropriate educational records (transcripts) to Flint Hills Technical College. 
    2. The student demonstrates that they have attempted to meet minimum test score criteria or a 2.5 GPA as required for the desired program of study.
      1. Has taken the ACT
      2. Has taken the ACCUPLACER
      3. A 2.5 GPA
  2. Appeal Request 
    1. The student must submit a typed letter requesting an appeal, within 30 days of the last unsuccessful testing attempt. The letter should be submitted to Admissions at Flint Hills Technical College. The letter should address the following items: 
      1. 1. Program of intended study 
      2. Criteria/Reason(s) that should be considered 
        1. Based on which test score is being appealed 
        2. Core grades in content area indicate success 
        3. Job skills – including job description and length of employment 
      3. Long-term Educational/ Professional goals 
    2. The student must also email Admissions at Flint Hills Technical College, a letter of reference from a current Teacher, Counselor, or Employer. This letter should address the following: 
      1. Work Ethic of applicant 
      2. Demonstrated skill or other aspects for consideration 
      3. Confidence in ability
    3. Multiple Measure Rubric Evaluation will be used to evaluate most appeals* 
      1. The Admissions Officers will review the following documents for consideration using a set rubric for evaluation: 
        1. Appeal Request Letter 
        2. Reference Letter
        3. Submitted Educational Records – Transcripts (High School or College) 
        4. Submitted test scores as reported – for all applicable tests 
      2. The student must score an average of 3 (or generally 15 on the Rubric^) or above based on the designated rubric for admission appeal approval. The student will be notified within 30 days of receipt of appeal. 
      3. If the student scores below a three on the rubric, the appeal will be reviewed by the Admissions Appeal Panel for final decision. 

*Nursing, Dental Assisting, and Dental Hygiene already have a multiple measure admission. If an admission appeal is filed for one of these programs it will move to Appeal Panel Process. 

^Admission Appeal Rubric is available upon request

  1. Admissions Appeal Panel 
    1. The Admissions Appeal Panel will review the following documents for consideration: 
      1. Multiple Measure Rubric and required documents
      2. Additional documentation from admissions process as appropriate 
      3. May Request an interview 
    2. The Admissions Appeal Panel will be comprised of an odd number of people (with a minimum of three members) and at least one representative from the following areas: 
      1. Representative from Intended Program of Study Faculty 
      2. Representative from Admissions/ Advising Staff
      3. Representative from Administrative Staff 
    3. The student must be approved by at least 2/3rds of total panel members. 
    4. The Admissions Appeal Panel will notify the student in writing of the final decision within 30 days of referral to committee.