Student Complaint Process

Students have the right to be heard and their complaints acted upon if and when they feel that decisions made or actions taken are unfair, unreasonable or discriminatory. Students should first seek relief with their instructor. If unsuccessful, students are encouraged to take their complaint to their Division Chairperson. If unsuccessful after visiting with their Division Chairperson, students are encouraged to seek assistance from the Dean of Enrollment Management and, if no relief is found after visiting with the Dean of Enrollment Management, from the Vice President of Student Services. Official complaint forms can be obtained in the Student Services office.

Otherwise, a student may file a complaint with the President regarding an employee, rule or regulation. The complaint must be filed in writing within 20 calendar days following the act or event from which the complaint arose. The written complaint must contain specific details regarding the incident, employee or school regulation, which is being protested. The President will respond to a complaint which has been appropriately filed and provide a timeline for official response. The official response will be given to the student in writing.

If a student does not accept the President’s official response, the student has the option of proceeding to the Board of Trustees. The complaint must be filed in writing to the Clerk of the Board within 10 days after the official response from the President is first received. The Clerk of the Board will respond to a complaint, which has been appropriately filed, within 10 days of receiving the written complaint. The Clerk of the Board will provide a timeline for official response from the Board of Trustees. Board members may choose to invite the student to an executive session in order to gain further information. The official response of the Board of Trustees will be given to the student in writing. The Board’s decision shall be final.

If you are taking online courses from Flint Hills Technical College and you have a complaint, you need to go through the steps listed above. If you still feel that you have not gotten relief, please fill out the form below and submit the completed form and all associated documents to

State Authorization Reciprocal Agreement (SARA) Complaint Form View Document