Career Services

Career Services

Find a career you love. Love the career you find. We’re here to help.

Career Services is your one-stop to learn more about programs at FHTC and the wide range of career options they prepare you for. We can also help with continuing education, admission procedures, job search strategies, and employment trends. For more information, contact Eva De Hoyos at 620-341-1376.

Career Services for Students and Alumni

Discover your career interests and develop a plan to reach your goals. We can help you do that through a variety of ways including:

  • Interest Inventory
  • Personality Tests
  • Job Opportunity Search Skills
  • Application Process
  • Cover Letters
  • Resume Writing
Micro-Internships Through the Kansas Micro-Internship Program for Students

The Kansas Micro-Internship Program is an opportunity to gain paid, professional experience while still a student. Through Micro-Internships, you can demonstrate your skills, explore career paths, and develop your professional network. These paid opportunities typically take 5 to 40 hours to complete, are usually remote, and typically kick off right away. 

How to get started:

  1. Complete the Agile Work Profiler and upload a PDF of your results into the Documents section of your Parker Dewey profile.
  2. Create your account on Parker Dewey. Be sure to complete the Education section of your profile.
  3. Apply to all projects that interest you. Kansas Micro-Internship Program projects will be listed first, but you can apply to as many as you wish.

All Micro-Internship opportunities are posted on the Parker Dewey platform.

Career Services for Employers

Career Services strives to provide business and industry partners with unique ways to meet their workforce needs. Our talented students are eager to take advantage of real-world workplace opportunities provided through an internship or work-study experience during their academic careers. By working with our Career Services, your business has the advantage of connecting with skilled, qualified, and enthusiastic individuals to join your team.

  • Post job opportunities for graduates
  • Post internship or work-study opportunities for current students
  • Participate in the on-campus Career Fair
  • Provide tours
Micro-Internships Through the Kansas Micro-Internship Program for Employers

As part of the Kansas Board of Regents’ “Building a Future” strategic plan, Kansas-based organizations can hire college students for fully-funded short-term, paid, professional projects. Micro-Internships can help your business with various professional tasks while offering students real-world experiences and the ability to demonstrate their skills.

To get started:

  1. Post your professional project on Parker Dewey. Click here to learn more, see project examples and for help.
  2. Select an undergraduate student enrolled at FHTC. While the project is free to you, this fully funded program means every student gets paid fairly for their work, but given the nature of this program, students are not your employees or contractors.
  3. Support the next generation of Kansas talent while getting work done.

Job Listings and Resources

Our industry partners regularly reach out to FHTC with job openings, find those latest postings along with other resources in the Job Board link below. Current job openings at FHTC can be found at the Careers at FHTC link and the Job Search Workbook has additional tips for job searching, interviews and more.

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