HCA104 Culinary Techniques & Theory

3 Credit Hours

Students will demonstrate knowledge within culinary arts and the role of the professional chef. They will apply safe and sanitary procedures in food preparation and production. Students will learn proper knife skills and cuts and the use of various culinary tools and commercial food production equipment. In addition students will develop a foundation in culinary techniques, principles and the ability to develop the senses to properly season and flavor food. Students will also demonstrate the ability to identify classes of products and proper cooking methods for dairy, eggs, meats and poultry.

2019 Fall Term

Section: A
Course Format: On-Campus Seats Available: 5/16
Type Location Dates Time Meeting Days Instructor
In-Person FHTC M112B 09/03/19 - 10/10/19 8:15 AM - 11:30 AM M T W Alberto Navarro-Trujillo
Type In-Person
Location FHTC M112B
Dates 09/03/19 - 10/10/19
Times 8:15 AM - 11:30 AM
Meeting Days M T W
Instructor Alberto Navarro-Trujillo