HCA106 Introduction to Baking & Pastries

3 Credit Hours

Students will be able to explain key bakeshop terminology and demonstrate fundamental baking techniques needed in small retail shops and restaurants. They will demonstrate correct use of bakeshop ingredients, hand tools and equipment. Students will prepare quick breads, yeast breads, laminated doughs and a variety of cookies and candies. They will evaluate finished products prepared both in the FHTC kitchen .They will analyze causes for success and failure in products.

2020 Fall Term

Section: A
Course Format: On-Campus Seats Available: 12/16
Type Location Dates Time Meeting Days Instructor
In-Person FHTC M118B 10/12/20 - 12/16/20 8:15 AM - 11:30 AM M T W Alberto Navarro-Trujillo
Type In-Person
Location FHTC M118B
Dates 10/12/20 - 12/16/20
Times 8:15 AM - 11:30 AM
Meeting Days M T W
Instructor Alberto Navarro-Trujillo